From Gamers for Gamers.

As Minecraft fans ourselves we knew the importance of having your own game server to play with friends firsthand. But we were faced with lengthy setups, registration processes and high prices – there had to be an easier way! That’s how the idea for Pockethost was born. Flexibility, a fun interface and many customization options were our goals.

The Idea put into Action.

Today Pockethost enables gamers across the world to create their own high quality game servers in just 3 clicks. Our flexible on-demand model and the intuitive app allow anyone to access their own game server without prior knowledge or technical vocabulary. Our powerful game servers are available in different locations across the world. This is how we bring gamers all over the world together.

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Always leveling up.

Different versions of Minecraft, Terraria, Vintage Story are just the start – there’s many more games to come. Also, a web version of Pockethost as well as exciting new features will follow. Your feedback is key to us – we only develop and work on features and games that the community wishes for. So make sure to let us know what you would like to see next.