Dune Awakening – Everything you need to know

With Dune: Awakening we get a new survival game this year, that has the potential to set new standards for the genre. The title is being developed by Funcom, the developers of Conan Exiles. Obviously we can look forward to many fun hours in an awesome game.

Source: Funcom

The world of Dune

The game is based on the science fiction classic Dune, by Frank Herbert from 1965. The successful novel was followed by numerous sequels, games and movies. Many of you will be familiar with the movie from 2021.

The main setting of the books and the game is the desert planet Arrakis. Deadly sandstorms, constant lack of water and gigantic sandworms that swallow up unwary visitors to the desert make the planet not exactly the best vacation destination.

Nevertheless, the planet attracts numerous settlers and representatives of the most powerful factions of the galaxy, as Arrakis is the only planet where Spice can be harvested. This resource gives people psychic abilities. Thus, Spice is essential to navigate spaceships since all computers have been banned after an overpowered AI almost wiped out all of humanity.

Survive in the harsh environment

Dune Awakening is an open-world survival MMO in which you’ll fight with countless players for domination of a huge world. At the beginning, you’ll have struggle trying to surviving. As the game progresses, you’ll expand your influence gathering more resources, stronger equipment and allies, and eventually seize political and economic power on the planet.

The map offers numerous different regions. Discover canyons dotted with twisted caves, ancient underground laboratories or lively villages and towns where you can trade. Besides all this, of course, you’ll also hunt for resources in the vastness of the desert. There, massive sandstorms regularly drift through, shifting dunes and thus changing the entire terrain. The calm after the storm quickly fills with the sounds of gunfire from the battles you engage in with bandits and other players to capture the newly exposed resources.

Your character levels up his skills while you use them. Will you become a specialist in fighting, crafting, trading or rather an all-rounder? You decide with your play style.

Source: Funcom

When can I finally harvest some spice?

There is no fixed release date for Dune: Awakening yet, but we can roughly expect a mid-year release. The game will be released for the PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. On the game’s website you can find more information and visuals about the game and sign up for a beta test.

If you want to start right at release with your friends on your own server, check this page and leave your email address to not miss any news about Dune: Awakening servers hosted by Pockethost.

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