ETS2 Server Configuration

You can configure several settings of your Euro Truck Simulator 2 server to adjust the game to your needs.

Access the server_config.sii file via this path:

lobby_nameName of your lobby.
descriptionDescription of your lobby.
welcome_messageMessage that is shown on entering the server.
passwordPassword to access the server. If there is no password set, the server is publicly available.
max_playersMaximal number of players allowed on the server.
max_vehicles_totalMaximal number of vehicles allowed on the server.
player_damageControls if players can receive damage or not.
trafficControls if NPC vehicles are actively driving on the server.
force_speed_limiterControls if driving speed can be limited.
name_tagsControls if the name tags of other players will be shown.
moderator_listControls how many moderators the server can have. Make players moderators by adding their steam IDs to the list.

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