Factorio Basic Enemy Commands

You can use these commands in your Factorio console to influence your player character:

					    /c game.player.surface.peaceful_mode=true
  • Enables or disables Peaceful Mode. While Peaceful Mode is enabled, Biters won’t attack you until provoked.
  • Use the values true or false
					/c game.map_settings.enemy_evolution.time_factor=0
/c game.map_settings.enemy_evolution.pollution_factor=0
  • Disables Biter Evolution by both time (first command) and pollution (second command)
					    /c game.map_settings.enemy_expansion.enabled=false
  • Enables or disables Biter Expansion
  • Use the values true or false
					    /c game.forces["enemy"].kill_all_units()
  • Kills all enemies in the explored world
					    /c game.forces["enemy"].evolution_factor=0
  • Sets the Biter evolution factor
  • Minimum is 0, maximum is 1

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