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4 Slots


per 30 days
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10 Slots


per 30 days
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30 Slots


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Your Valheim Game Server Benefits.

Powerful Hardware

Your game server offers cutting edge hardware and technical components that are optimized for your gaming experience.

24/7 Technical Support

Our technical support is available 24/7 and will help you via direct chat or e-mail with all your questions.

Maximum Flexibility

Free subdomains, locations around the world, powerful control pannel – you are in control. Easy to set up, easy to customize.

Instant Server Setup

No hoster provides servers as fast as we do. Choose your game, choose your server name and you're ready to go.

Intuitive UI

We focus on user experience to make your server setup as smooth as possible. Every important option is within 3 clicks.

File Access & Backups

You have full access to all server files on your server. You can also add automated backups or download your save game.


Global Valheim Game Server Locations.

Minecraft Server Locations

With our global game server locations and multiple language support we ensure low pings and a top-notch experience wherever you are.


Game Description: Valheim

**Valheim** is a popular survival and sandbox game inspired by Norse mythology, where players take on the role of fallen Vikings in a procedurally generated world. The game combines crafting, exploration, and combat, challenging players to survive and thrive in a hostile environment filled with mythical creatures and epic bosses. Players gather resources, build settlements, craft weapons and armor, and uncover the secrets of the land, all while progressing through various biomes with increasing difficulty.

Playing Valheim on a private server with friends elevates the experience in several ways:

1. **Enhanced Collaboration**: Building grand structures, conquering difficult bosses, and exploring vast terrains become more rewarding when done as a team. Friends can divide tasks, share resources, and strategize together, making survival easier and more enjoyable.

2. **Customization and Control**: A private server allows for greater control over game settings and mods, tailoring the experience to suit your group’s preferences. You can adjust difficulty levels, add custom content, and ensure a smoother, lag-free experience.

3. **Persistent World**: With a private server, your world persists even when you’re offline. Friends can continue to play, build, and progress, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving world that feels alive and shared.

4. **Community and Bonding**: Playing with friends fosters a sense of community and strengthens bonds. The shared challenges and triumphs create memorable experiences and inside jokes, enhancing both the game and your friendships.

Overall, Valheim’s rich gameplay and immersive world are best enjoyed with friends on a private server, offering a unique and collaborative adventure that’s both challenging and deeply satisfying.


Our 5-Star Ratings on the PlayStore

"Finally! A host with fair monthly costs but high quality, good ping and no lags. It's super easy to start and stop the server and manage it together with friends."
"Love the design, it's super easy to create a server and you can choose your own name for it. The support was great."
~Philipp R.
"Nice host, I use it for my minecraft server. It's cool that you can select server performance with every start, so with more friends just select a bigger size. I would like to see more games, though."
"Best host. Much faster hardware than other hosts and better tech specs, so perfect combination for me."
"Great servers, I have three with different friend groups. The support always helps if we have problems with a plugin. I would like to see more competitions on discord."
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