How to configure Spawn Protection on your Terraria Server

The Spawn Protection defines an area on your Terraria server, where players can't build or destroy anything. This is how you configure it:

  1. Start your Terraria server.
  2. Go to the options tab an click on MORE FILES.
  3. Navigate to the config.json, which you will find in the tShock folder.
  4. In the config file you will find the property spawnProtection. You can decide if a spawn protection should exist by adding the value true or false.
  5. In the line below, you will find the property SpawnProtectionRadius, which determines the size of the protected area. If you e.g. add the value 10, the spawn protection area will extend 10 blocks to the right and 10 blocks to the left of the exact center of you Terraria world. In total the area will be 20 blocks.
  6. Save the changes, start your server and enjoy the protected spawn area on your Terraria server.

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