How to join your Minecraft Bedrock Server via Playstation

Playing Minecraft on Playstation

On Playstation it is not possible to connect directly to your server. However, resourceful Minecraft enthusiasts have found ways to still use their own servers on the playstation. You can learn how to do this in this wiki entry.

Finding Port and Address

To join your server via playstation you will need to know the address and the port. The address is the name that you gave your server with the ending. The port is the last five numbers of the IP address. Down below you see how to find the information in the Pockethost dashboard.

Minecraft Playstation

Using MC Server Connector

MC Server Connector is an Android and IOS app that enables you to join your server via LAN. Follow these steps to join your Minecraft Bedrock server on playstation:

  1. Download the MC Server Conncetor app and open it.
  2. Enter your server address in the first textfield.
  3. Enter your server port in the second textfield.
  4. Click the green button at the bottom. You will have to watch an ad. After that, your server is ready to connect to.
  5. Start Minecraft on your Playstation and click the play button.
  6. Navigate to the Friends tab and locate the LAN Games section.
  7. When MC Server Connector  appears, click on it to join your server.

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