How to make paintings in Minecraft

One might think that the impressive landscapes and buildings you get to see during your adventures in Minecraft are already enough pleasure for our eyes. But to top it off, there are awesome paintings to marvel at in Minecraft. Here you’ll learn everything you need to know.

Minecraft paintings

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Paintings in Minecraft are rectangular decorative objects that you can place on the side of any solid block. There are 26 different Paintings in total, with different sizes and different motives. The paintings often depict scenes from other games or they are artworks by artist Kristoffer Zetterstrand, who also developed the naming of the Minecraft versions. They have been a part of Minecraft for a long time, so they have always been a popular choice to add some color to your own walls.

How to make Paintings in Minecraft

A painting is pretty quickly crafted. All you need are 8 sticks and one wool of any color. Place the wool in the middle and the sticks as a frame around it. This way you get an empty painting. It gets color as soon as you place the empty painting. At this moment it randomly becomes one of the 26 possible paintings. Paintings have a size from 1×1 to 4×4. It depends on how big the area is in which you place the painting.

To remove the painting you can simply dismantle it, drop it with an object or dismantle the block it was placed on. Apparently, there is also a possibility to build secret passages with paintings.

painting crafting table

Build a secret passage

In addition to their visual appeal, images also have an interesting practical use. Since a painting counts as an entity in Minecraft, you can walk through them, making paintings perfect for building secret passageways.

To build the secret passage, make a 1×2 or 2×2 passage in your wall. Then place signs on the side of the passage. Now you can place a painting on the signs. A painting of the right size will now hide the entire passage.

Since this trick is not much of a secret anymore and a lot of players know it, you should place some more paintings in your house. This way the painting that hides your secret passage won’t look too suspicious.

How to make custom paintings in Minecraft

To place your own pictures in your house, you can use the website and put pictures in the appropriate format. Then you can upload the resource pack with your pictures in the Minecraft client to use your very own pictures.

There are also some premade resource packs with great alternative images. Here you can find an exciting resource pack with a whole bunch of new images.


Pictures in Minecraft are a great addition to decorate any house and impress your friends. Who needs Netherite armor when you have a picture of a Creeper hanging at home? Have fun discovering all the images.

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