How to upload a custom world to your Terraria Server

Follow these steps to upload a custom world to your Terraria server.

  1. Download a custom world on a website like CurseForge. You will get a zip file containing the world file. Sometimes the zip files will contain for files with the same world on different difficulty levels. From easiest to hardest, the difficulty levels are: Journey, Classic, Expert and Master.
  2. Click on the MORE FILES button in the options tab of your server. There you will find the Worlds folder.
  3. There you will find files named world1.wld and world1.wld.bak
    Delete these files.
  4. Upload the zip folder with the world to this folder and unzip it.
  5. Now rename the world file from the zip folder to world1.wld
    If there are several world files, choose the one with the difficulty level, that you want to use.
  6. Now you can restart the server and enjoy the new custom Terraria world.

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