Minecraft Allay – Discover the most helpful mob

Are you wondering what this blue flying thing in Minecraft is? The Allay is a helpful mob that was added to Minecraft with The Wild Update. You’ll learn where to find it, how to tame it and how it will help you on your adventures in this article.

Minecraft Allay

Allays - What Do They Do?

The Allay is a small, blue, levitating mob that you can befriend in your Minecraft world. The two things he loves above all else are music and items he can hold in his hands. The Allay can be especially helpful to you when you want to farm a certain item. Once an Allay has joined you, more on that later, you can send him out to collect items for you. To do this, you can simply right-click on an item and give it to him. The Allay will then search for the same item in a radius of 32 blocks around you and bring it to you. For example, if you give it a cookie, it will bring you all the cookies lying around in this radius. He can’t mine blocks, but he will collect all items openly accessible. So you’ll never accidentally leave anything lying around again.

As already mentioned, music is the Allay’s second great passion. This means not only that you can dance exuberantly with him, but also that you can use music to coordinate his collecting activity. You can place a note block and activate it so that the Allay puts the collected items there.

Where To Find And How To Tame The Allay

The Allay is not tamed in the traditional sense. The process of befriending an Allay is much more action-packed and dangerous. Allays are not found in the wild. They all sit (or fly) behind bars, having been captured by pillagers. You can find the cages where Allays stay in Pillager Outpost or Woodland Mansions. Here you can destroy the cages to free the innocent Allays like a true hero. If you then give them an item, they will be loyal to you and follow you wherever you go. Congratulations, you now have an Allay as a companion.

You can’t breed Allays in the traditional sense too, but you can duplicate them. Near a jukebox, an Allay will start dancing. If you give it an amethyst shard, it will duplicate itself.

A Peaceful Mob

The Allay was designed by the Minecraft developers to be a particularly pleasant companion. Unlike mobs like the Axolotl, it stays out of fights and prefers to concentrate on collecting items. Besides, you can’t hurt him. This means that you can safely swing your pickaxe or sword while mining and fighting without worrying about hitting your blue friend. In addition, the allay can regenerate. So if he falls into lava, for example, it’s not the end of him. He will fight his way out and refill his life energy. In addition, he makes pleasant and soothing sounds when you’re traveling together. Especially when he has an item in his hand, he sounds very euphoric.

Allay vs. Vex - The Mysterious Transformation

The Vex are enemy mobs in Minecraft that look confusingly similar to the Allay. They have a slightly paler color, look grim and are armed with an iron sword. Vex can only be found in a Woodland Mansion. There they are summoned by the Evoker to help him fight you.

The similarity between the Vex and the Allays, have led to some speculation and self-made lore in the Minecraft community. One plausible theory is that the captured Allays are transformed into the Vex. One more reason to head out and free as many Allays as possible.


The Allay is a useful companion for your adventures and makes every expedition a concert with its musical interludes. If you and your friends have once again caused a huge item organization mess on your server, you can also get Allays to clean up the mess for you.

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