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Besides the innovative on-demand server hosting, where you only pay for the server time you actually use, Pockethost also offers classic server subscriptions. Subscriptions are ideal for you if you need a server that runs continuously. Be it because you run a community server or because you simply want your Minecraft iron farms to produce a bunch of iron while you sleep.

Server Subscription

What are the advantages of a subscription?

With a subscription you don’t have to worry about Token anymore. Just book a server in your desired performance level and it will be available to you for all the time. The higher the performance level of your server, the more RAM available for your game. With higher RAM performance you can play with more players at the same time on your server. The app will show you how many players you can play with according to the performance level. The number is a recommendation and not a limit. You can also play with more players than recommended, but this can lead to stuttering and other technical problems.

With a subscription comes additional plugin slots for your Minecraft server and the possibility to customize your server profile picture in the app. Show your server members what they can expect playing in your world.

How do I book a subscription?

With a subscription, the server you choose will run continuously. To book the subscription, go to the server overview of your desired server. There you will find the option to book a subscription on your several performance levels in the Subscriptions tab. In the last step before booking you can choose if the subscription should be charged weekly or monthly. With the monthly option, you will of course get a discount.

Alternatively, you can purchase the subscription during the start process of your server. After you press the green start button, you can choose to book a subscription instead of using Token. The performance level of the subscription corresponds to the previously selected performance.

Server Icon

With an active subscription you can edit the icon of your server in the app and add your own image. To do so, go to the General Settings in the Options tab or click on the icon in the Server Overview. This will open a window where you can upload your image from your gallery.


If you realize that you want to play with more friends and therefore need more RAM, you can upgrade your subscription at any time. The cost of the previous subscription will be refunded according to the previous term.

If you want to switch back to on-demand mode, you can cancel your subscription. To do so, go to the Subscription Overview of the App or Play Store. There you will find the option to end your subscription.

The subscription system replaces the booster system and simplifies it. But don’t worry, if you currently still have boosters, they will not be lost.

If your boosters are already activated on a server, it will switch to the corresponding subscription level. You get the same RAM performance and benefits. The subscription runs as long as the remaining runtime of your boosters.

If you still have unactivated boosters, you can continue to use them to level up your server as usual. This will activate the corresponding subscriptions.

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