Vanilla Tweaks – Minecraft, but different

While Minecraft is simple in its concept and design, there is a lot of room for customization and tweaks to enhance the playing experience. Vanilla Tweaks are changes made to the base Minecraft game enhancing little optical and gameplay details. These subtle changes can make a big difference in the way the game is played, and can be easily implemented to improve the overall experience.

About Vanilla Tweaks

Vanilla Tweaks is a website where a small team of dedicated developers, make the various tweaks they have developed available for free. The tweaks are divided into three categories: Resource Packs, Data Packs and Crafting Tweaks.

Within these categories, there is a clear division into subcategories that will help you find your desired tweak. The functions of the tweaks vary from aesthetic customization, to quality of life optimizations, to fun tweaks.

What’s special about Vanilla Tweaks is the modularity of your tweaks. On the website you can have a look at the different tweaks, choose the tweaks you are interested in and export them as a pack. This way you can create your own configuration. On the page you can see short descriptions of the tweaks by hovering over the boxes. Additionally, you can watch short videos that present the tweaks.

Ressource Packs

The first category are the resource packs. Here you get tweaks with which you can change your textures, sounds and models. Starting with version 1.11 you will find tweaks for all current versions. You will find several different categories. In the category Aesthetic you will find vanilla tweaks that change the look of some items and animations. For example you can change the looks of the Elytra, so that they look like Allay wings. Tweaks from the Peace and Quiet category reduce some of the sounds in the game, making it a quieter experience. The 3D category gives a three-dimensional shape to chains, bookshelves and mushrooms, for example.

minecraft crown

Golden Crown

Retextures the golden helmet to look like a crown

minecraft sunflower

Fancy Sunflowers

Retextures the head of sunflowers to bloom a bit more

minecraft circle crosshair

Circle Crosshair

Changes the '+' crosshair to a circle crosshair

minecraft stonecutter 3D

3D Stonecutter

Remodels the stonecutter to have a 3D saw

Data Packs

With Data Packs you can perform in-game commands, control loot tables, modify crafting recipes and customize Achievements. The Survival category offers customizations for the mode of the same name. In the Mob category you can adjust that creeper explosions do not destroy blocks. Utility tweaks give you a command to remove empty boats and many more cool commands.

minecraft statistics

Track Statistics

Adds statistics that are processed beforehand

minecraft armored elytra

Armored Elytra

Combine a chestplate with a Elytra and dominate the sky

minecraft anti enderman grief

Anti Enderman Grief

Prevents Enderman from picking up blocks

minecraft spawn


Enter /trigger spawn to teleport to the spawn point

Crafting Tweaks

Crafting Tweaks are a subcategory of Data Packs. These tweaks modify crafting recipes and add new features. For example, you can turn rotten meat into leather or double the amount of stairs you craft.

minecraft golden apple

Craftable Golden Apple

Allows you to craft enchanted golden apples

minecraft blackstone cobblestone


Craft all items that require cobblestone, using blackstone

minecraft craftable horse armor

Craftable Horse Armor

Allows you to craft horse armor with different materials

minecraft more trap doors

More Trap Doors

Create 12 trap doors instead of 3 using 6 wood

Why Vanilla Tweak is awsome

The Minecraft community has produced several mods and plugins that turn the entire game upside down, enable unimaginable gameplay or raise the graphics of the game to Avatar-like levels.

Vanilla Tweaks doesn’t want to change much at all. We all started with the Minecraft vanilla version and we all love it. With the tweaks that adjust small details, the gameplay remains the same, but the experience becomes a completely different one. Especially the modularity, which allows the flexible compilation of tweaks, is great to create your own very personal experience. If you like the project, you can support the developers on Patreon.

Above all, flexibility is important to us at Pockethost. That’s why you have full flexibility in performance and configuration when hosting your Pockethost server. Grab your servers now and show your friends your favorite vanilla tweaks.

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