Zenith Terraria – The full guide

Zenith is the strongest sword in Terraria and with it you’ll dismantle any opponent in no time. The sword makes every fight easy, but to get it you will have to master the most difficult fight of all. In this article you will learn what Zenith can do and how to get it.

Terraria Zenith Crafting
Zenith Terraria

One sword to rule them all

The term Zenith can be defined as the point at which something or someone is at its most strength. And that’s why no name fits better for the most powerful sword in Terraria, a final unstoppable weapon. When attacking with the Zenith Sword, it splits into the swords needed for the crafting process and unleashes a deadly vortex. With a damage of 190 per hit and an extremely high attack frequency, no opponent in Terraria will give you any trouble once you have Zenith. You can shred down the healthbar of bosses like the Eye of Cthulhu in mere seconds.

However, it’s a long road, paved with tough battles, until you can finally get your hands on this masterpiece. Zenith is assembled from a total of 10 swords on a Mythril or Orichalcum anvil. Many of these swords are rare drops from difficult bosses. Here is a list of all the swords you will need and how to get them.

Zenith Crafting Guide

Terraria Copper Sword

Copper Shortsword

The copper shortsword is the first, and with a damage of 5, the weakest sword in the game. Its frontal stab attack makes it relatively useless against flying and jumping enemies. However, its high attack frequency is helpful against enemies on the ground. You can craft it from 7 copper ingots. Unfortunately, if the generated world has tin instead of copper, you can’t use the tin sword, but have to get copper in a new world. Otherwise, you can also try to get copper ore by fishing or killing slimes.

Terraria Enchanted Sword

Enchanted Sword

The Enchanted Sword is a broadsword with a damage of 23 that shoots a projectile in the shape of a sword when attacking. This sword can be found in sword shrines found throughout the world, mostly in caves. If you destroy these shrines with a hammer, the drop chance is 98%. However, some of the shrines are fake and do not drop the Enchanted Sword. Another way to get the sword is to go fishing. You can catch a Gold Chest, which has a 2% chance of containing an Enchanted Sword.

Terraria Bee Keeper Sword

Bee Keeper Sword

The Bee Keeper Sword deals 30 damage and summons up to three small bees when attacking, which also attack enemies. This sword is dropped by the boss Queen Bee with a probability of 33%. You can find this boss in jungle areas and summon her by destroying a bee larva there.

Terraria Starfury


Starfury is a 22 damage sword that, when wielded, summons a star that falls from the sky and deals 44 damage when it hits enemies. This sword can be found in Skyware Chests. These are located on flying islands. If you don’t have wings, you can try to soar through the sky with a Gravity Potion and find one of the flying islands.

Terra Blade Terraria


The Terrablade deals 95 damage and shoots a projectile that deals the same amount of damage. To craft the Terrablade you must find the three swords True Nights Edge, True Excalibur, and Broken Hero Sword and join them together on a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil.

Terraria Seedler


The Seedler, a 50 damage sword, shoots a grenade-like Seedler Nut when attacking, which shoots Seedler Thorns in all directions when it explodes. This sword is dropped by the boss Planterra with a 15% chance. Once you defeat all three mechanical bosses, Planterra buds spawn in the jungle. This will allow you to summon Planterra for battle.

Terraria Influx Waver

Influx Waver

The Influx Waver deals 100 damage and shoots a sword-shaped projectile. This sword is dropped by the Martian Saucer boss with about 15% chance. This boss spawns during the Martian Madness event. To trigger the event you must get scanned by a Martian Probe and let it escape. Shortly after, a Martian invasion will start in which you can fight the Martian Saucer.

Meowmere Terraria


The Meowmere deals 250 damage and shoots a projectile with another 250 damage. The projectile is shaped like a cat’s head and trails a rainbow behind it. Did someone say Nyan Cat here? Furthermore, the projectile is affected by gravity and bounces off the ground up to 4 times. With each bounce, a small explosion is triggered. The sword is dropped by the final boss of Vanilla Terraria, the Moonlord, with a probability of about 10%.

Terraria Star Wrath

Star Wrath

Star Wrath deals 170 damage. It also summons three Pink Projectiles that fall from the sky and deal 170 damage. Similar to the sword Starfury. The sword is also dropped by the final boss of Vanilla Terraria, Moonlord, with about 10% chance.

Horsemans Blade Terraria

Horsemans Sword

The Horsemans Sword deals 150 damage and summons floating Pumkinheads whenever an enemy is hit with it. This sword is dropped by the Pumpking with about a 15% chance. This boss appears during the Pumpkin Moon event. This event is available after Planterra is defeated and can be activated at night by a Pumpkin Moon Medallion

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