Dalla creazione di tutorial per gli amici al raggiungimento di 100.000 follower su TikTok - Un'intervista con Terraria Slime

Hardly anyone shapes the gaming community as much as content creators. As entertainers, guides and reporters, they are indispensable. With our interview series, we want to give you a look behind the scenes and ask exciting content creators even more exciting questions.

Per la nostra prima intervista abbiamo parlato con Terraria Slime. In qualità di esperto di Terraria, fornisce alla sua community ogni tipo di informazione e segreto sul gioco. Nella nostra intervista ci parla del suo percorso come creatore di contenuti e ci dà consigli su come iniziare anche tu. Andiamo subito al sodo!

Intervista a Terraria Slime

How did you first come across the game Terraria and what inspired you to create content about it? Please tell me about your journey as a content creator.

I first found Terraria back when it first released on the Xbox 360 in 2013, but I didn’t make any Terraria content at that point. In August 2022, I decided to start making Terraria videos on TikTok to help explain certain topics easier to my friends who lived far away, and it took off pretty fast leading to me making my YouTube channel not too long after. I made my YouTube channel with the same goal, but I wanted to make my videos more appealing to everyone to watch and also go more in depth on certain topics instead of ignoring what my friends already knew.

How do you plan and create your Terraria videos?

For my video ideas, I usually just have the ideas come to me randomly, or for my guides I just cover stuff I have had trouble with in the past. I’ve always been messing around by doing stuff like looking through their files, reading the forums for years, and other stuff along those lines, so with enough time I usually can think of something that would be a neat video. As of making, I record using OBS and modded consoles, and edit using Photoshop and DaVinci Resolve. Between the editing, recording the footage, doing the voice over, and thumbnail it usually takes me about 5 hours to a few days to finish, depending on how long the video is.

What was one of your most unexpected moments or experiences since you started creating content?

I think the most unexpected part of my youtube journey is when I hit a thousand subscribers, never thought I’d get that, but once I did I started to take it a lot more seriously. Another great memory was when I found out I had my first video get over 100k views, as that’s something else I never thought I’d get. The last unexpected moment I’ll mention was when I hit 100k followers on TikTok, as I still find it hard to believe that many people want to watch my content.

What was the best moment in your time as a content creator so far and why?

I don’t exactly have a favorite moment as a creator so far, since there’s not much with this I don’t enjoy, but my favorite part about being a Terraria content creator is how amazing the Terraria community, and especially my little community inside of that is. Genuinely one of the best communities I’ve ever been in online. From the people at ReLogic, to other creators of all sizes, and just regular players, It’s always been a very wholesome and nice community to be in.

Which of your videos was the most difficult to create and why?

The video that was the hardest for me to make was easily my fishing guide video, although it did pay off view wise. I don’t know if it was because fishing is just too boring, or if it was because there was just so much information I had to cover in it, but regardless I was dragging my feet the entire time I was making it. Another video that was hard to make was my Chinese video that I recently made, where I  had to go onto Chinese forums and try to figure out all of the different and new features of that version of Terraria.

What is you favourite Terraria boss? And what is your favourite event?

My favorite boss in Terraria would shockingly be King Slime, just because I like the loot you can get from it at the start of a playthrough. Plus in the late game, you can use King Slime to easily farm for money without ever having to attack it. And for my favorite event, it’s the slime rain event, just because it’s a neat event that isn’t based on something from real life like Halloween or Christmas.

How do you handle feedback from your viewers? What kind of interaction is particularly important to you?

I take all feedback from my followers very seriously. With any skill, there is always room to improve, and if you get the idea that everyone’s opinions are wrong, you will stop growing soon after. Most of my feedback comes from discord server, where I talk one on one with my followers everyday, and you can actually see my editing get better due to that feedback if you compare my videos today to my first ones.

What are your future plans for your channels? Are there any special projects you want to share with your viewers?

I have major future plans for my channel! I’m currently working with a fan of mine to make a slime themed Terraria mod, where there are new slime related items, enemies, and bosses throughout the entire game’s progression. On top of that I’m also working on multiple major videos, like showing off never before seen items, preserving special custom maps from over the years, and much more. And on the Terraria server side of things, I’m also working with the same person to make special server plugins for terraria servers, so our servers can have some extremely neat features. The last project I’ll mention is I’ve been digging through the game files of every version of Terraria, like the chinese version, the japanese versions, and much more, where I’ll be taking all the unknown information and making it into multiple videos. One of these videos is already out, where I found a god mode glitch using a normally unobtainable chest.

Terraria Slime Mod

Who are your favourite content creators? Are there any creators from whom you draw inspiration or with whom you would like to collaborate?

My favorite creators would for sure be people like gitgud, chippygaming, and one you might not know is colt colossal, which makes some of the best Terraria content and animations. On the note of who I’d want to collaborate with, I think doing something with gitgud or colt colossal would be neat, since they are the main people I watch content wise. I think it would also be neat to team up with a few creators to make a special custom map, as I feel like that’s an area of Terraria creators haven’t really touched too much yet.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps and create Terraria content on YouTube?

My advice for anyone even thinking about doing anything in social media, is do it. You have nothing to lose other than time, and have almost everything in the world to gain from it. Besides actually starting it, you need to stick with it and not give up too quickly, as again you are only losing out on time, and you never know when your big break might be. Another thing I’d say is to post your content on every platform possible, as again, the only thing you have to lose is time.

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