Spelers verbannen in Minecraft

As the owner of a server, you make sure that your community is happy and that you can samen spelen smoothly. It may happen that you have to ban players who disturb the harmony on your server. For this purpose, Minecraft provides you with useful commands.

Verbied spelers Minecraft

Whitelist vs. Ban Commands

Unlike the whitelist, which allows players to join your server, the ban prevents players from joining your server. The whitelist is therefore a handy tool if you have a group that you want to play with. You can use the ban commands if you want your server to be publicly available. Anyone can join your server, but if any players behaves rudely, you can ban them from the server.

You have two different ways to ban a player. With the name-based ban, you use the players name to ban that player. This will prevent him from joining your server with his Minecraft account. Theoretically, the person can log in with another Minecraft account and join your server again.

The other option is the IP ban. In this case, the IP address of the player is used. This prevents him from joining your server from the same device. Of course, you are best protected if you use both ban methods on the player.

You can use the ban commands directly in the chat of your server or in your Pockethost console.

Player and IP Ban

Use the player name to ban the player. In the brackets you can enter a reason why the player was banned. This will be shown to him when he tries to join the server again. If you don’t want to add a message, you can leave out the brackets completely.

					/ban-ip PLAYERNAME [REASON]

Ban List

Gives you a list that shows which players or which IPs are banned from the server

					/banlist players
					/banlist ips

Ban List

With this command you can remove a ban so that the player can join your server again.

					/pardon PLAYERNAME
					/pardon-ip PLAYERNAME

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