Jak zarządzać ustawieniami PvP na serwerze Minecraft Bedrock?

PvP Settings

PvP settings allow you to control whether players can damage each other on your Minecraft server and also who can damage whom. To configure if PvP is active on your server you can use the following command in the console:

					/gamerule pvp true/false

Alternatively, you can configure the appropriate property in the server files:

					„pvp=true“ —> „pvp=false“

PvP Teams

If you want to divide the players on your server into teams to compete against each other, you can use the team commands in the console. To do this, you must first create the teams and name them.

					/scoreboard teams add TEAMNAME

After you have created the teams, you can assign players to them.

					/scoreboard teams join TEAMNAME PLAYERNAME

You can also decide whether players from the same team can harm each other or not.

					/scoreboard teams option TEAMNAME friendlyfire false

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