Minecraft Axolotl – Only 0,5% of players ever find the blue one

Axolotls are not only awesome animals in the real world, but also an exciting addition to the animal world in Minecraft. Find out how to tame different colored axolotl, what you can do with them, and why the blue axolotl is so special.

minecraft pink axolotl

Where to find axolotls in minecraft

Minecraft axolotls pawn in underground water caves, also called lush caves. They come in five different colors. Pink, brown, gold and cyan axolotls are common and each has a 25% chance of spawning. Extremely rare is the blue axolotl. This one spawns only with a probability of 0.01%.

To meet a blue axolotl in the wild is almost like winning the lottery. If you still want to make one of these rare specimens your pet, then you should try to breed axolotls. More about this later.

How to tame an axolotl

The favorite snack of the axolotl is tropical fish. It is important that you transport the tropical fish in a tropical fish bucket, because axolotls only eat living fish. Feed the cute little amphibians and they will become tame pets. You can walk them around on a leash or capture and transport them with a bucket.

Axolotls may be small and cute, but they are not to be trifled with. They attack all mobs underwater except for turtles and dolphins. The perfect bodyguard for your next underwater adventure.

pink axolotl minecraft

(source: minecraft wiki)

yellow axolotl minecraft
blue axolotl minecraft
brown axolotl minecraft
cyan axolotl minecraft

How to summon a blue axolotl

The best way to find a blue axolotl is to breed it. For this, lock at least two axolotls in an enclosure or in an aquarium. Feed them with tropical fish. This will result in a small baby axolotl swimming around in the enclosure sooner or later. Since blue axolotls are so rare, you will have to do this process a few times. Mating of two axolotls is possible about every three minutes.

Since you will need a lot of tropical fish, it is also recommended to build up a tropical fish farm here. And make sure that your axolotls always stay in the water. If it does not rain, they can survive only 5 minutes out of the water.

Our cute axolotl farm

What good is a blue axolotl if no one can see it? Build an axolotl farm together with your friends and enjoy the colorful little animals. How you can best play together with friends, you can find out here. Have fun playing!

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