Server Whitelist Minecraft

Control who can join your server with the whitelist commands. Create a save space for you and your friends to build your world.

What is a whitelist?

With the whitelist you can control who can join your Minecraft server. Only players you have added to your whitelist can join and play with you. Everyone else will be blocked and prevented from joining your server. In Minecraft, a game with millions of players and an active community with vivid discussions, it can quickly happen that your server address gets out to the public. For example, through friends who rave about how great your server is in Discord.

With a whitelist you protect your server from foreign access and thus from griefing and unwanted damage to your world. You can activate the whitelist on your Pockethost server with a few clicks and manage it with commands. Just follow the steps below.

How to activate the whitelist?

To enable the whitelist, you go to the options section in the server details view of Pockethost. There you will find in the subcategory SERVER.PROPERTIES and the option to activate the whitelist on your server. From then on only users on your whitelist can join. You, as owner and operator of the server, can always join and don’t have to explicitly sign in yourself on the whitelist. By default, the whitelist is only checked when a player wants to join your server. If you activate the whitelist while there are already players on your server, they are not affected and can stay logged in. Therefore it is advisable to activate the whitelist as early as possible.

Minecraft Whitelist Pockethost
Here you find the option to activate the whitelist

Whitelist Commands

add a player to your whitelist

remove a player from your whitelist

shows which players are listed on your whitelist

reloads the whitelist. Useful when you edited the whitelist.json in your game files

activate the whitelist. Alternative to the option in the Pockethost server detail overview

deactivate the whitelist. Alternative to the option in the Pockethost server detail overview

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