Mod de física do Minecraft

In the world of Minecraft there are many mods that improve and extend the game experience. One particularly interesting category is mods that change the physics in the game. The very simply named “Minecraft Physics Mod” does this to an unprecedented level of perfection.

Mod de física do Minecraft

Developed by Haubna, the mod not only makes it possible to play Minecraft with impressive physics effects, such as waves and smoke animations, but also lets the game shine in a completely different light thanks to great shaders. You almost feel like you’re in a movie. The mod provides a new section in your options screen that lets you activate and customize the following modifications:

Mob Ragdoll

Ragdoll physic is by far the most fun feature of the Mod de física do Minecraft. Mobs, whether they are enemies, animais or villagers, do not simply dissolve once they are defeated. Instead, the mobs fly through the area and bounce off blocks. There is hardly anything funnier than watching a creeper fall down a cliff.

Optionally, you can switch to Mob Fracturing instead of Mob Ragdoll mode. This shatters mobs into countless, sharp-edged pieces. In addition, you can also switch to the Blocky Mob setting, in which the mobs disintegrate into their individual block components.

Minecraft Ragdoll

Snow Physics

Liquid Physics

The snow physics makes the snow behave much more realistically and overlays the blocks. Cold biomes now look like real ski areas. Additionally, you now leave footprints in the snow.

The Liquid Physics create a real-time simulation of liquids. Whether water or lava, both now look much more realistic and behave according to the laws of nature.

Ocean Physics

Minecraft Waves

With the Ocean Physics you will feel like a pirate on a stormy sea. The water already looks better than your last beach vacation thanks to optical adjustment and light reflection. Once you paddle a boat over the waves towards the sunset, you’ll be impressed by how good Minecraft can look.

Fractured Blocks

Gravity Physics

Smash blocks into pieces and watch them crumble all over the place. Especially explosions are much more exciting when you sehh all the debris flying all over the place.

You have full control over the physics of your Minecraft world. Accordingly, you can also decide which gravity strength should prevail. Do you want to bounce around like on the moon or stick to the ground like on Mars? You decide!

Smoke Physics

With Smoke Physics, every fire emits lush plumes of smoke that rise into the sky. It’s twice as much fun when you burn down a village. The smoke also reacts to solid blocks. So be careful when lighting a fire in a closed room, it could get stuffy.

Minecraft Realistic Explosion


You can download the Minecraft Physics Mod from this website and try it out for yourself. Some of the features will be available once you support the mod’s creator on Patreon. If you want your friends to enjoy your stunning Minecraft world, invite them to your Pockethost server and play together.

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